About Us

Sooktha Consulting Private Limited, an advanced wireless access solutions company, offers solutions to enable network operators to deploy innovative wireless access services with LTE Advanced and WiFi offload, and to enable Test & Measurement equipment manufacturers to offer solutions for adequate testing of these new services.

Established in November 2010 as a private limited company in India, we have built a strong core team that has expertise and experience across wireless technologies, network architectures, and market segments.

We have set up highly agile R&D and innovation processes with a high degree of automation.


Sooktha's core beliefs are in Simplicity, Excellence, and Value Creation.

We strive to reflect these beliefs in each one of our solutions.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be one of the key enablers of a smooth transition to the next generation of wireless access networks through an effective combination of Small Cell, LTE-Advanced, WiFi, HetNet, SON, and Virtualization technologies.

Our mission is to develop infrastructure, test, and system simulation solutions that help in the quick deployment of advanced wireless access networks.