The Core-Network-in-a-Box (CNB) solution has independent modules that implement the MME functionality (Multi-MME) and the SGW/PDN GW (Multi-GW), HSS and PCRF. It is capable of supporting MMEs, SGWs and PDN GWs and supports the S1 Flex and MOCN features.

The solution can be executed on standard off-shelf Linux servers with network hardware capable of supporting Gbps traffic. The CNB is the perfect solution for alternate networks which require customized cores that are different from the core deployed for commercial networks.

The CNB allows for a massively scalable deployment, minimizing cost of hardware and operations, and customization to specific requirements such as Internet of Things, Public Safety networks, Satellite, networks, Private networks and Adhocnetworks.

The CNB offers a choice of hardware platforms (x86, ARM, MIPS, Power PC)

LTE Core Network in a box

High Portability

  • Developed on the Sooktha SP platform – can be executed on any Linux distribution

Extensive Diagnostics

  • Message tracing on all Control Service Access Points (C-SAPs)
  • S1AP and SCTP message logging Wireshark format
  • GTP PDU logging in Wireshark format
  • Extensive Software logs – different levels and the log level is configurable at module level