June - 11, 2020

Sooktha announces 5G NR SA Software

Bangalore – (June 11, 2020) We are happy to announce SBS 5G NR for SA gNB solutions. SBS 5G NR can be used for both integrated and split deployments. The software is offered on multiple platforms with the option to use multiple PHY modules. The software supports FR1/FR2, FDD/TDD, and multiple SCS. The software comes fully equipped with the full set of our proven and powerful diagnostics and maintenance features. We are working with multiple partners to develop gNB variants.

If you are an ODM, a hardware platform vendor, a silicon vendor, PHY module vendor, deploying a compact network, or a disaggregated network in the 5G NR space, and looking for 5G NR SA gNB software that enables you contact us!