October - 30, 2021

Sooktha Announces 5G NR Standalone End-to-End Network Software Solution

Bangalore – (October 30, 2021) We are happy to announce the availability of an end-to-end 5G NR SA network solution. The End-to-End Software Access Network (ESAN) includes our Multiple UE (MUE), SBS 5G NR, and the Integrated Core Network (ICN) software. The MUE and SBS include a real-time simulation of the baseband and radio. This allows this to be deployed as a purely software solution.

The ESAN offers you the ability to. run an entire 5G NR SA network on one laptop. It allows engineers to test various applications, deployment scenarios, and channel models at their desk. They can get started without worrying about spectrum licenses, radio equipment, network planning, or Telco grade hardware. At the same time once these are all completed the Sooktha SBS 5G NR migrates seamlessly to a real network. This enables all the work done on the ESAN to be carried over automatically to a live network.

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